Payment FAQs

Payment methods

We accept the following payment methods:

- Master Card, Visa, American Express
- Maestro

Payments are processed via our payment provider Adyen.

When Nikon charges your account

For credit card transactions, you will be asked to fill in your credit card details during the checkout process. Our payment provider (Adyen) will check your credit card details and authorize the payment if the check is successful. The money will not be charged from your card until your goods are shipped.
If there is a problem charging the money, Nikon Store Customer Service will contact you.

Credit card denied

Nikon uses a third party payment provider - Adyen - to verify your credit card credentials with your bank.
Reasons for denying a credit card include:

- Insufficient funds in your account.
- The credit card is blocked.
- The credit card is registered as stolen and has been blocked.

If your credit card has been rejected, you need to contact your bank to find out why. Nikon does not have access to your financial information and will not know why a card has been denied.

Prevent misuse of credit cards

Credit checks are carried out by our eCommerce platform and by our payment provider (Adyen) for every credit card transaction.
If we are notified of potential fraud, Nikon Store Customer Service will contact you to ask you to authenticate your order. For example, if two orders are placed using your credentials within quick succession you will be asked to confirm that you placed both orders before either order will be processed.

VAT & other taxes

All prices shown on our website include taxes: VAT and if applicable local taxes.



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