Orders FAQs

There are two ways to find products and information in our store:
- Search: you can search for products or information by typing a term into the SEARCH box at the top of this page. Results are categorized as products or content.
- Browse our product catalogue: click on PRODUCTS at the top of this page. Each category in the drop-down menu links to a product page where you can filter searches according to your needs.
You can sort products according to price and name, and you can filter them based on a specific price ranges and product features (such as megapixel resolution or screen size). Multiple filters can be used at the same time and you can remove them one by one, or all at once. Search results are automatically updated according to your chosen criteria.

Product availability

Availability status
A product’s availability is indicated as:
- Coming Soon: used for products that have just been announced and cannot be pre-ordered yet.
- In stock: the product is available to order and can be delivered.
- Out of stock: the product cannot be ordered, but you can ask to be notified when it is back in stock.
- Discontinued: used for products that have been discontinued and are no longer available from Nikon.

Notify me when available
You can ask to be notified by email as soon as products that are out of stock, or cannot be pre-ordered, become available. Simply click on NOTIFY ME WHEN AVAILABLE and insert your email address into the form that follows.

Find a dealer
Some Nikon products can only be purchased from a certified Nikon Pro dealer or selected dealers. To find a dealer via Nikon’s Dealer Locator, please visit your local corporate Nikon website.

How to place an order

We endeavor to make it as simple as possible to order products from our store. If this is the first time you have shopped with us, please read the steps below.
- Review your cart: At this stage, you can modify the number of products you have selected, view any promotions that might be available to you and enter voucher codes for discounts. To proceed to the checkout, simply click CONTINUE TO CHECKOUT.
- Checkout step 1: Before placing your order, you will be given the option to login, register or proceed as anonymous customer. For more information, please refer to the FAQ section on the advantages of registering.
- Checkout step 2: Fill in your billing and shipping address. You can use different delivery and billing addresses.
- Checkout step 3: Select the delivery mode. Shipping options are detailed under DELIVERY OF THE ORDER.
- Checkout step 4: Select the payment mode. Payment options are detailed under PAYMENT.
- Checkout step 5: Review the order details. This is your last chance to edit your order: you can change the shipping or billing address, or choose different delivery or payment modes. Once you are sure of your order, accept the Terms & Conditions and click PLACE ORDER AND GO TO PAYMENT.
- Payment: Your order will be placed after you enter your payment details. If you enter the wrong payment details three times in a row, or your payment is not accepted, you will be redirected to the checkout and asked to select a different payment method.
- Order confirmation: Once your payment has been accepted, your order will be confirmed. You will be given the option continue shopping or register, if you shopped as an anonymous customer.


If you have a voucher code, you can use it to get discounts.
Simply enter your code(s) into the box provided when you review your cart and click SUBMIT. Your cart will automatically show the voucher code that has been applied and the related discount. If you change your mind and decide not to use your voucher, you can click REMOVE and the value of your cart will be automatically recalculated.

Some voucher codes may result in an error message when you try to fill them in. This might be because the code is restricted and can only be used a certain number of times, or by certain customers, or it may have expired.

If you realize you forgot to use a voucher code after you have paid for and confirmed your order, you can call our Nikon Store Customer Service department to modify your order for you. So long as your order has not been shipped, you can still claim your discount and the amount due to be charged from your credit card after shipment will be updated accordingly.

Check Order Status

If you are a registered customer, you can go to MY ACCOUNT - MY ORDERS to see the status of your order(s). Orders can be sorted according to order number, date, value and status.

Orders are designated as:
- Placed: your order has been sent to the Nikon Order Management System.
- Confirmed: the Nikon Order Management System has confirmed receipt of your order.
- Shipped: the order has been packed and dispatched.
- Partially shipped: only part of your order has been packed and dispatched.
- Completed: your order has been delivered and received.
- Cancelled and partially cancelled: your order or part of it has been cancelled. Orders or order line items cannot be cancelled if their status is In packing or beyond.
- Returned: your order has been returned to Nikon and marked as received by the warehouse.
- Refunded: your order has been refunded.

Save to Cart
The contents of your cart are automatically saved, whether you are logged in or not and even if you log out - making it easy to review products that you are interested in. If you shop as an anonymous customer and you delete the cookies on your browser, your cart will be empty when you return to the store.





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